This product is the latest generation of environmentally friendly polycarboxylate high water reducing agent developed by our company. Due to its extremely high water reduction rate, this product can greatly improve the plasticity index of fresh concrete, thereby improving the pumping and workability of concrete meets ASTM C 494 requirements for Type F & G. At the same time, it has excellent performance in terms of strength and growth.


Main technical performance

1. High dispersion performance It can provide extremely high water reduction, and the water reduction rate is up to 40%. It provides guarantee for improving concrete work performance, improving concrete strength and durability, and also reducing cost.

2. Molecular controllability,The dispersibility and Plasticity of the water reducing agent can be adjusted by adjusting the molecular weight of the main chain of the molecule, the length of the side chain, the density of the side chain and the type of the side chain group.

3. Can improve the workability of concrete, no stratification, no segregation, no bleeding, good pumpability

4.It has obvious reinforcing effect on hardened concrete, improves shrinkage performance and improves anti-freezing, anti-seepage and anti-carbonation ability, and prolongs the service life of concrete.

5.Green and environmental production, no formaldehyde and sulfate ingredients.

Scope of application

1.Suitable for mixed concrete and cast-in-place concrete in various industrial and civil buildings

2.Applicable to various projects with high performance requirements for concrete, such as water conservancy, port, transportation, bridge, subway, electric power, etc.

3.Suitable for high-strength, high-performance, super-fluid vibration-free Self-flow equalization, long-distance transportation concrete.

Using Instructions

1. The recommended dosage range of the product is 0.10%~0.8%. For the specific cement and mix ratio, the optimum dosage should be determined through experiments.

2. When used, it can be mixed with stirring water or added to concrete at the same time.

3. The product can be combined with various anti-coagulants, air-entraining agents and other functional admixtures.

4. Since this product is a water-reducing mother liquor, it is recommended that customers reduce the solid content of the product before use, determine the optimum dosage by experiment, and compound other admixture products if necessary.


This product is an alkali-free liquid, non-toxic, non-corrosive liquid, no pollution to the environment, not edible.

If you accidentally touch your eyes, rinse them with clean water as soon as possible, causing allergies to some people. You should seek medical treatment promptly.

Packaging and storage

This product is liquid, plastic drum, 1 ton / barrel or 200KG / barrel, can also be used for tank storage and storage process anti-seepage and leakage prevention,anti-exposure, one year after the date of expiry should be tested to determine the use.

This product is not flammable and not explosive.